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Adjustable Beds Prices and Reviews

Adjustable beds are becoming more mainstream these days, being showcased on local TV commercials, and they’re finding their way into more and more homes. Used in hospitals for years, an adjustable bed is seen as very beneficial to ones general health. Being able to change the height of either side of the bed and raise up the legs or head helps conditions such as edema, acid reflux, and a variety of other conditions.

Adjustable Beds

Adjustable Bed Prices and Company Information

Be mindful of what your getting as looking at reviews or reading reports can lead to confusion. The adjustable part of the bed is the frame, while the mattress will provide the comfort. You’re therefore looking to purchase a bed frame more so then an adjustable mattress.


Adjustable bed prices can vary extensively. Starting at a smaller bed type, a twin size will set you back about $1300 and the higher range will extend to king size at almost $3000. It is quiet the price range depending the size that is desired and it’s going to cost much more than a standard “box spring” bed will.

Adjustable Beds frame
Adjustable Beds frame

Popular Brand Names

Sleep Comfort
Select Comfort
Leggett and Platt
Simply Rest


There are a number of different types of adjustable beds out there on the market. Far and away the most popular is the electric motorized beds. This is the standard type that can be raised or lowered with a remote control. A motor in the back of the bed is responsible for the change of heights.

Mattress are where the diversity is with these beds. Memory foam, regular coil springs, and latex foams are the most common options for an adjustable bed.

Adjustable Beds frame with bed
Adjustable Beds frame with bed

Benefits of An Adjustable Beds

Health care is generally what adjustable beds have been used for, particularly, in the home. Like previously mentioned, these kinds of beds are seen to have numerous health benefits to use. The comfort of associated mattress have a great correlation with reducing pain. Being able to adjust the height also helps with getting patients up and out of the bed.

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