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Bagless Vacuums vs Bagged

A vacuum cleaner is one of the most important investments that every home owner has to make at a point in their lives. It is important in keeping the house clean and keeps all the dust away. However, there various types and models of vacuum cleaners in the market that you will need to be careful when making your purchase. Most importantly, there are the bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners and the major consideration for every buyer nowadays is narrowed to which of the two to buy. The million dollar question here is which vacuum to go for. Bagged or bagless?

Bagless vacuum cleaners do not require regular replacement bags. This saves the buyer some money that could be used to regularly buy these replacement bags. Consequently, these bags have low maintenance costs compared to the bagged vacuums.

Bagless vacuums have filters that can be washed and re-used severally before they are replaced making them cheaper eventually than the bagged vacuums. This has made bagless vacuum cleaners to become more and more common since there are no cases of home owners running out of replacement bags as there are no bags to be replaced to start with.

Bagless bags are easier to clean and this makes them more convenient than the bagged vacuums. Emptying the filter of a bagless bag is less complicated than detaching bags to replace them in a bagged vacuum. The bagless vacuums are also more preferred by people with allergies since there are no bags involved and all that is required is to keep the filter clean.

The bagged vacuums could at times release some dirt and dust into the air during the replacing of the bags and these particles could be irritating to people with asthma and other illnesses related to the respiratory process. Moreover, the bagless vacuums takes away almost all the allergens and dust particles from the air during cleaning.

While the bagless vacuums have several advantages over bagged vacuums, they also have disadvantages. The first drawback is that the dirt in the vacuum is always visible until the dust bin is cleaned. Dirt is of course unpleasant to look at but there is no option than to have it in there until the bin is washed. Moreover, the washing of the bin is also uncomfortable as you have to wash it thoroughly and remove any debris stuck on it. Another disadvantage is that the filters used in bagless vacuums are quite expensive and require high maintenance to keep them functional.

Bagged vacuums are cheaper than the bagless ones and are easier to dispose off dirt. Since the dirt is collected into a bag, disposing it when full is easier. The problem with these bags, however, is that the dirt bags have to be replaced frequently to ensure that the vacuum works effectively. You require having the replacement bags in the house to avoid rushing to the store in between cleaning.

Conclusively, both bagless and bagged vacuum cleaners have their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, the choice of the vacuum cleaner will depend with personal preference. The important thing is to make sure that you clearly understand the pros and cons of each cleaner and choose the one that best suits your lifestyle.

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