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Best Pillows For Neck Pain

The neck supports one of the heaviest parts of the human body, the head. Although the chest is much heavier than the head (it weighs as much as 25% of the human body weight while the head weighs at the most 15% of the human body weight), the neck is the only musculoskeletal structure supporting the head whereas the chest is supported by many more musculoskeletal structures. Thus, the neck is stressed almost always and extremely vulnerable.

Neck pain is one of the most common physiological pains one would face. At times, neck pain is caused due to some physical injury while very commonly it is associated with old age. Interestingly, neck pain doesn’t need a specific cause or a physical injury. Very general activities or daily mundane chores can cause neck pain.

Sitting for a fairly long time at one place, having a tiring physical exertion on a to and fro journey, standing or walking for a long time or cooking in the kitchen where one bends several times, gets up, twists the neck, turns around and keep causing exertion of the top end of the spinal column, in the neck regions.

Not that all neck pain are painstakingly unbearable but it is certainly undesirable and a cause for massive comfort. What anyone should do is take proper care of the neck and ensure that it is neither prone to any injury, stiffness or tissue inflammation nor is it unattended to if there is some sort of pain. There are many physiotherapies, massage treatments, balms or oils and even pain relief pills that can be opted for but they all would be futile if you do not use the best pillows for neck pain.

It is ironic to talk about the best pillows for neck pain because in any case one should be using the best pillows that are ideal for the neck. A majority of neck pain is either caused or triggered further during sleeping.

Very few people actually use the best pillows for neck pain, pillows that would offer the desirable support and comfort to the neck and pillows that would neither cause neck pain nor contribute to the worsening of neck pain caused by some other factors.

Best Pillows For Neck Pain

What Are The Best Pillows For Neck Pain

Instead of directly quoting a term or a certain brand, it is important to understand what attributes make certain pillows the best pillows for neck pain.

The human anatomy is not exactly a work of symmetry. The human spine is not a straight rod and the structure has several curves and bents. The shoulder blades, the spinal column, the neck region and the back of the head which is also the outer backside of the skull are not in a straight line. It is neither in a specific tilt towards any side nor has it got any specific symmetrical pattern.

There are protrusions, outwards curves and inward curves. The best pillows for neck pain are those that offer the adequate support to the neck which is only possible when the pillows mold into the desired shape for the neck, the head and top of the shoulder blades.

There are special pillows which are contoured craftily to fill the inward curved spaces of the back of the neck. Many people refer to these kinds of pillows as cervical pillows and in some other cases as orthopedic pillows.

There is primarily only one difference between the best pillows for neck pain and the ordinary ones. With these pillows, one enjoys a deeper depression. When the head is placed on these pillows, it sinks in but where the neck is placed, there isn’t enough depression to create an empty space.

What happens in effect is that the entire backside of the head, the back of the neck and the top of the shoulder blades are all supported by the pillows.

Without this, the head, the neck and the rest of the spinal column would not be in its natural shape and well rested. Any improper positioning of the neck due to lack of support or due to improper forces exerted onto it by the pillows or the best can worsen neck pain and can also cause neck pain in the first place.

With the best pillows for neck pain, one would not only successfully manage the pain and get permanent relief eventually but perhaps would also be able to prevent neck pain from normal physical stresses, barring the physical injuries that may inflict neck pain.

Best Pillow for Neck Pain

Tips On The Best Pillows For Neck Pain

The best pillows for neck pain do not come cheap. It is better to spend a little more than to compromise on the physiological health. But many try to scout for the cheapest yet best pillows for neck pain. It has to be borne in mind that the best is never the cheapest.

The best pillows for neck pain would not remain the best forever. Due to wear and tear, loss of physical attributes of the materials used in the pillows and also due to the impact of washing and consistent use, the depression, the support and the comfort of the best pillows for neck pain would reduce over time.

Typically, with the best of the best pillows for neck pain, expect the best results in the first 24 months. Beyond that it would still be usable but steadily the quality would suffer. Using one’s own judgment to determine the perfect time to replace the best pillows for neck pain is desirable.

The best pillows for neck pain would only cater to the neck. It has often been noted that when a section of the spinal column is affected, the other areas are also impacted over time. Along with the best pillows for neck pain, it is ideal to use the best mattresses which offer the perfect support to the entire spinal column and using body pillows, knee pillows and lower back support pillows may be recommendable, but only for those who may be suffering from or prone to back pain and other spinal problems.

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