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Best Snow Blowers Reviews and Comparison

One thing is sure! and that is,. having the best snow blowers make clearing snow, fast fun and easy without any pulling a muscle from your side.

I can’t imagine how our parents endured in the 1800’s when there was no snow, and how they push away these snows, it must have been waist breaking, to perform such task.

But today, we have a totally different story to tell, because where the shovels and other tools once occupied, Snow blowers have taken the place of shoveling snow, clearing your porch, sidewalk and driveway in less time and with less man power from you.

Ariens Compact 24

How Do Snow Blowers Work?

IF you’re clearing snows, and you’ll surely noticed an auger, which is mounted in front of the machine, and the snow blower machine work, is to scoops up snow as you walk and fires it through a chute to anywhere you choose.

Another thing you will noticed is that snowy conditions always do create problems for traction and maneuvering, but one to to be sure, is that controlling a snow blower is not hard, it don’t requires an expert.

I was once asked what one should look for, when purchasing/buying a snow blower, and as an expert, here are some things you should never overlook.

DB7651A versus DB7651

What to Consider When Buying

1. When buying a snow blower, ensure you buy a machine that’s easy to handle,

2. Make sure you purchase a snow thrower that have a glove-friendly controls,

3. Always buy a blower that is very easy to start and can always starts on demand.

When you’re about to purchase these machines, you should always have the above tips in mind, which is much more important than focusing on the price tag of the machine alone.

How Much Can We Purchase a Snow Blower?

It varies, just like almost all the products in the world, the prices of snow blowers varies. Snow blowers can cost you a thousand Dollar ($1,000) or more, which depends on the machine capacity.

However, there are lots of wonderful snow blowers which have great prices starting from Three hundred dollars ($300) and above. There are so many well-built snow throwing machines available for less than $300.

Producers/manufacturers like the Ariens, Toro and Craftsman are some of the leading and most reliable brands of snow blowers, but that does not mean that all their products is good, some don’t last long. Most persons do know that snow blowers are divided into four different categories.

Powered Categories:
1: Gas Powered Blowers
2: Electric Powered Blowers

Movement Categories
3: Single stage blowers
4: Two-stage blowers.

Types of Snow Blowers

Like i said above, there are four types of snow blowers and i would love to enumerate more.

Electric snow blowers

These type of blowers are the most easiest snow throwers which you can purchase and operate, after spending more than 8 years selling and reviewing snow blowers, i came to realize that almost all the electric snow blowers weigh less than 40 pounds. Plus they are compact for uncomplicated driving and storage.

Advantages of Buying an Electric Snow Blowers:

1. Their electric motors don’t produce black fumes like engine, since it’s totally running on electricity,

2. When blowing away snows, this electric machine is much more quieter than gas engines.

3. Most times, you don’t even need regular servicing for electric blowers.

THE strongest and most powerful electric snow blower can move up to eight inches of snows, and four inches if the snow is packed or too wet. The Electric snow blower are the cheapest types of thrower.

You can easily purchase them, starting from $100 to $300, but don’t forget to add in the cost of a separate heavy-duty extension cord. Most are single-stage machines.

Single-stage Gas Snow Blowers:

When you’re using a single-stage snow blower, one thing to note here, is that the auger do scoops up the snow with enough force to blow it out of the chute with minimal effort from you. Since they normally don’t come with no extension cord tethering them, a single-stage gas snow throwers do have a longer range than their counterparts, the electric snow throwers.

When compared with the electric snow throwers, the single stage snow throwers are much more powerful, and are capable of throwing snow farther. They are able to clear heavy snowfall faster and can break up packed berms left by the snowplow. THE Gas snow throwing engines do require more time for maintenance and money to maintain it. But going through customers reviews, they all claim that Gas snow throwers are worth it for the added power.

It’s important that you take note, that most single-stage gas snow blowers weigh between 60 and 90 pounds and cost about $300 to $800.

Two Stage Gas Snow Blowers:

The two stage blowers are known as the blowers beast, and this title was not given to them for nothing. The two stage snow throwers are bigger, much more heavier and are well able and capable of moving more snow than the single stage throwers.

A two stage snow blowers do have their own added extra component. Unlike the single stage throwers, here’s how it works.

After the auger shovels the snow into the chute, a corkscrew-like impeller shoots the snow as far as 40 feet away from where you were standing. This is mainly due to the fact that the augers on two-stage machines don’t brush against the ground. Just in case you’re wonderingly how to clear gravels, here’s your best shot! You can easily use a two stage snow blower for clearing snow off gravel.

The more compact versions have a smaller body for easier storage., but they are still big enough to clear snow up to 20 inches high.

IF you decided to go for the two stage, goodluck! But you should take note that you MUST pay at least $600 or above for a well-built compact two-stage gas snow blower, and i have seen some two stage blowers with prices of $2,000 and above. But this are for the full-sized one.

What To Look AT When Choosing a Snow Blower

  • Speed,
  • Power,
  • Clearing,
  • Noise,
  • Handling,
  • Controls,
  • Throwing distance (which can measure up to about 90 snow blowers)
  • Performance.
  • Durability.

Ever wondered how to buy a Snow Blower or where to choose the best snow blower that fits your home? Then don’t worry, because here’s a five minutes snow blower reviews that will show you, how to buy the best snow blower.

Like we all know, Snow blowers make clearing out the snow from our driveways and sidewalks as easy as pushing a shopping cart around the shopping mall with fun. While operating a snow blower, the machine easily swallows up the snow and sprays it out of a chute to one side of the machine with so much ease.

However, just like cars are made for different jobs and reasons, that is how some snow blowers are meant for heavy snow, while others are made for light snow.

The truth is that before you purchase a snow blower, you MUST consider the following factors below. Which will help you choose the best snow blower for clearing out the snow from your driveways and Sidewalks.

Guidelines on How To Choose the BEST Snow Blowers

1: Amount of Snow:
This is one thing you must first put into consideration before buying that snow blower, one thing i noticed, is that if you’re clearing a lot of heavy snow (i.e. snows which are over eight inches at a time), you certainly will want to buy a two-stage snow blower.

The two stage snow blower are the more powerful snow blowers with engine-driven wheels.

But if you’re clearing out light snow, you can easily purchase a power brush or single-stage snow blower, will be sufficient for you.

2: Maneuverability:
Moving out a large quantity of snow from your driveway or sidewalks requires a snow thrower that can you can easily handle. After several years of experience, we’ve come to the conclusion that larger snow blowers are heavier and harder to maneuver than the smaller ones, since they’re single stage blowers. So if you’re still deciding or considering on which snow blower to buy, which will help avoid back pain from shoveling, then ensure that you purchase a snow blower that you can easily handle.

3: Surface:
This is another area we should not over, which is the surface. If you’re clearing a stony surface and you buy the wrong snow thrower, it wouldn’t be easy for you. For clearing snow from a gravel surface, it’s advisable that you choose a two-stage snow blower.

Every other types of snow blowers are dangerous on gravel, as they will pick up the gravel and throw it along with the snow, which could get the engine to start making annoying noise which will disturb the neighbourhood.

Before purchasing that blower, you should first put to consideration, which type of surface you need to clear and how much snow you will be clearing. Then, only then can you choose the best snow blower that will do the job for you.

How to Find Snow Blowers

Customer’s Rating
USING the customers rating on a particular product is a very smart way to choosing the best products. But don’t worry, we’ve sort this out for you. Our table comprises of the best snow blowers with the best positive ratings from customers on Amazon and Walmart.

The metrics which we used in measuring the best product is by going through it’s features, which includes the following:

  1. Weight,
  2. Clearing width.
  3. Standard features,
  4. Electric start,
  5. Remote chute control.

Single Stage Snow Blowers

The Single-stage snow blowers use an auger to pick up the snow and throw it out the chute on top of the machine without any effort from your side. The single stage blowers are the smallest and least powerful type of snowblowers.

One thing which makes this snow blowers one of the favorites snow blowers is b because it can be used on gravel surfaces, as they will pick up and throw the gravel, and they’re also among the cheapest snowblowers.

Two Stage Snow Blowers

As their name implies, they are named for the two mechanisms which it used to move the snow:

Two stage snowblowers is made up of the following:

1: The Auger: Which breaks up the snow and pulls it into the machine,
2: The Impeller: the impeller toss the snow up and out of the machine.

The two stage snow blowers have the ability to clear wider and deeper areas than single-stage models, i guess you’re aware that they are more expensive and costlier? 😀

Three Stage Snow Blowers
Here’s another one that we love! The new three-stage snow blowers were brought back by Cub Cadet in the year 2013.

The third stage is an “induction accelerator”, it’s aim is to help the Auger and impeller effortlessly break up and pull the snow into the machine without any needed effort from your side.

These blowers are good for very dense or icy snow.

Power Brush Snow Blowers
The Power brush snow blowers are one of the largest machines with brushes in front, like the name implies, they are very good for clearing light snow, leaves, and other debris without much trouble and they last longer.

Clearing Width
While choosing a snow blower, you should also put into consideration, the clearing width. Because the clearing width measures the breadth of snow the blower can displace at one time.

One thing which is very important that you should note, is that snow blowers with higher clearing widths can generally clear larger amounts of snow at a very short period of time (4-10 seconds).

Verified Information: Please note that the Stanley 45″ snow blower has the widest clearing width of all snow blowers which we have reviewed..

Housing Height
You should also consider the housing height. Just in case you’re still wandering what a “housing height” is, don’t worry :D, we’ll explain.

The Housing height refers to the depth of snow that can enter the auger housing. A snow blower with a higher housing height can typically move deeper amounts of snow in a short period of time.

Snow Displacement
Displacement, just like the name implies, displacement is a measure of the size of the engine, which is based on how much air its pistons pull in. It gives an indication of the amount of power the engine has. Displacement is measured in cubic centimeters (cc).

It’s important that you are aware of the fact, that the higher the displacement, the more powerful the snow blower is. Which also means, that if the snow you encounter is heavy or contains chunks of ice, you may need a snow blower with a high displacement to break it down easily without the machine breaking down.

Verified Fact: After reviewing and using several snow, we discovered that the most powerful snow blower is the Ariens Hydro Pro 36 with a 450 cc 4-Cycle OHV engine, which is the best for breaking a large number/chunk of ice!

The auger is among the most important factor to consider when choosing the best snow blower. The Auger is the blade in front of the machine, which helps breaks up and pulls in the snow into the machine.

A single stage snow blowers use augers to both pull in and throw out the snow, which a two stage snow blower use the auger to pull in the snow, and use the impeller to throw out the snow.

The impeller can’t be found in a single stage blower, but can be found in a two or three stage snow blower, it’s main position is behind the auger, where it throws the snow out of the machine.

What To Consider in Snow Blowers
One thing you should note, is that the bigger blowers isn’t always the better ones. A 250-pound snow blower is not necessary to clear a few inches of snow off your front walkway. So taking out the time to search for the appropriate snow blower for your needs will be better (and more affordable) than buying the biggest and strongest thrower on the market.

What’s the main reason for the production of snow blowers? if not to avoid back pain or other physical problems? However, some snow blowers can bring some body pains. So for you to successfully avoid waist pain and other body pains, you should always look out for the weight and maneuver ratio.

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