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Bissell Big Green Machine Review

If professional cleaning is what you’re after, you might want to check out the Bissell Big Green Machine, which boasts faster and better cleaning operations. Since it has innovative rotating PowerBrushes with the patented DirtLifter technology, it removes dust and debris in a jiffy.

Coming with a hose with quite a long reach and a tool for tough stains, you can clean difficult areas like the stairs or other elevated platforms in a breeze. The Big Green Machine also has large capacity tanks with flow indicators, allowing the user to see when it’s time to check and refill the tanks.

Bissell Big Green Machine Review

Bissell Big Green Machine Reviews

The Bissell Big Green Machine Carpet Cleaner got many favorable reviews by users and consumers from all over. One reviewer states that its heavy duty – meaning, it can clean a lot of carpets at a time even when there are many dogs and people walking back and forth on them. This is also especially true when the weather is rainy and carpets get direct punishment from soggy boots – a cleaning nightmare that’s solved by the Big Green Machine’s powerful cleaning solutions.

The DirtLifter with PowerBrushes effectively lifts dirt and other undesirables from the carpet fibers, and this is supplemented by using detergents and heating procedures to quickly make your carpets feeling fresh and looking new.

Of course, before you start cleaning, you will have to set the machine up, and it’s easy as 1-2-3 thanks to the very helpful instructions. One reviewer even states that the easy instructions and set-up doesn’t justify how sturdy the build of the vacuum is. This is quite a sturdy machine, and would last very long against a lot of bumps you might accumulate along your cleaning.

Reviewers also contend that, contrary to popular belief for carpet cleaners, the machine is actually quite lightweight, and you can easily lug it around in your home. This is even furthered by a long electrical cord, which allows the user to move from room to room without unplugging it from the wall.

The time it takes for you to dry the carpet is astoundingly fast, especially when you compare the figures with other commercial cleaning devices. The Big Green Machine also comes with a wand or an extension hose that you can use to clean up elevated surfaces, making it not a problem for you to bring it around the house when it’s filled with water. Plus, it didn’t make any tearing to couches or other upholstery. Very useful indeed.

There is only one con to this and it’s the price point. The machine is quite expensive and may not be recommended for those who have small to medium sized houses or apartments. However, if you want a great, professional and superb quality carpet cleaner for your wall-to-wall carpeting, there is nothing else to say but to make the purchase, especially if you have the money to spare. This is a great investment that will guarantee clean carpets and furniture for years to come.

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