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Dirt Devil M0105 Purpose For Pets Hand Vac–A Must Have

Your pet is part of your family and you love it dearly. However, you are probably tired of animal hair all over your furniture and stairs. Plus, it gets in the little nooks and crannies, such as corners and along baseboards. If you are tired of your pet shedding their hair all over your furnishings and in hard to reach areas, you need to try the VacDirt Devil M0105 Purpose for Pets Hand Vacuum. This machine is specifically designed to pick up animal hair and is very lightweight at 7 pounds, which is great for cleaning stairs and hard to reach areas.

This vacuum is hand-held, which means it is easy to port from room to room. It is mainly to be used on stairs or for small areas, however, it could be used in larger areas if needed. Not only will this clean up stray pet hair, it is also great for vacuuming up dry food spills and kitty litter.

If you have a cat, you know that, even though they are a very clean animal, the litter ends up everywhere around the box. It is unavoidable. However, you do not have to get the broom and dustpan anymore. Simply use your new vacuum and the mess is gone.

Dirt Devil M0105

Dirt Devil vacuums are always a favorite, and this one is no exception. The HEPA filtration is great for reducing allergens and regular animal hair. Think how great that would be in your home, especially if you have family with allergies or asthma.

Another added bonus with this machine is the bag-less feature. When the vacuum is full, simply remove the dirt cup and dump into the trash. It is easy and clean. It will also save your family money because you are not constantly purchasing new bags.

It comes equipped with a 20 foot cord, which is great for stairs. You do not have to unplug and plug-in every couple of stairs. Plus it comes with a 5-piece tool set, which includes a special upholstery brush made specifically for pet hair, along with a crevice tool.

Use these two interchangeably to clean hard-to-reach areas, such as corners, and your furniture. Both are made with a motorized brushroll, which clings to pet hair to make sure your furniture is completely hair-free.

There is a 24 inch hose that can be used to clean curtains and a dusting brush that works great on blinds and other places.

Even if you do not have any pets, this is still a great vacuum to have in your home. Being lightweight, it can easily be carried outside to clean your vehicle. It will clean all the little crumbs out of your seats and you can use the upholstery tool to deep clean mud and/or embedded dirt.

If you have long hair or someone in your household does, you know it can be a pain to clean the stray hairs out of couches and carpet. The hair ends up winding around your vacuum and it is nearly impossible to clean.

You have to stop what you are doing, remove the brush, and manually clean the hairs off, sometimes with a sharp object to break the hair. With this great machine, you do not all the hassle. It picks up human hair just as easily as pet hair. There is no more stooping or bending over to pick up hair, afraid it will mess up your machine.

The VacDirt Devil M0105 Purpose for Pets Hand vacuum will save you a lot of trouble because of its lightness and ability to remove pet and human hair. You will want to vacuum with this little devil.

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