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Electrolux Nimble Review

Don’t let the build and screenshots fool you. Despite the fact that it looks quite heavy and has a wide sized base, the Electrolux Nimble is actually very flexible and easy to use – ergo the name of the vacuum.

It is an upright canister vacuum cleaner that has very maneuverable steering mechanisms allowing you to weave through the labyrinthine mess in your home. This 18 pound vacuum boasts no loss of suction power due to a separation system within the machine that immediately sorts out the dirt from the air prior to reaching the filter.

Electrolux Nimble Review

Electrolux Nimble Features & Benefits

The Nimble Swivel action will let you quickly move around easily
The cyclonic system always gives you a powerful suction
Washable HEPA filter will make sure that your vacuum is in optimal performance
Use the carpet bare floor selector so you can easily switch from carpets to bare floors
The 3 in 1 Versa tool will let you clean stairs, corners and crevices

Electrolux Nimble Vacuum Reviews

Reviews found for the Electrolux Nimble were generally positive, mostly citing its power, maneuverability, ease of use and reasonable price. However, the first thing you have to tackle is assembly, which is very easily done and could be dealt with in less than 5 minutes. Next, the manufacturer fortunately stayed true to its advertising, as the Nimble effectively sucks dirt in both carpet and hardwood floors.

Since it is a canister type vacuum, it is very easy to clean and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of replacing a bag or its depository over and over again. However, the downside to this is that it doesn’t store that much dirt, so the Nimble is best for small to medium sized floor areas.

To supplement your reach, it comes with a telescopic wand handle and attachments to allow you to reach up to 14 feet far, simply by pressing a button. One of the reviewers also agrees that it’s very much lightweight compared to other vacs. The reviewer also adds that, because of the maneuverability, there is no trouble in pushing and lifting the machine.

Another convenience that this Electrolux vacuum offered to the reviewers is the washable HEPA filter. With this, you will not need to replace filters, plus, with the HEPA label, you’re guaranteed to lock in 99.97% dust particles, allowing the Electrolux Nimble to be the perfect vacuum for those suffering from asthma. To further supplement your cleaning activity, the canister-vacuum is equipped with a LED headlight which guides you to where the dirt is.

Plus, the light also makes you more accurate in sucking up the dirt. Another thing is the very lengthy cord which measures up to thirty-feet, thus allowing you to clean from one room to the other without plugging the machine on and off the electric socket.

Now let’s talk about the drawbacks that consumers said about this vacuum. The base of the vacuum is somewhat bulky and doesn’t really fit under your bed and other furniture. This is not really a major inconvenience but people said that it would be better if it’s a little slimmer. People also stated that this vacuum is a little heavy but they also felt assured that they’ve bought a high quality product since it’s built with high strength plastic. There have been testimonies that it’s too noisy but not enough to make it very annoying.

Overall, the Electrolux Nimble is a highly commendable vacuum cleaner for your small home or apartment and does the job it advertises. Maneuverable, easy to use and powerful, hardwoods and carpets wouldn’t be a problem.

Electrolux Nimble is great for:

  • People with low pile carpeting and/or bare floors
  • Pet owners
  • Individuals with really old carpets
  • Owners of other high end vacuums


  • 5-year warranty
  • Powerful never loses suction
  • Dust cup is really easy to empty and disassemble
  • 3-in-1 Versa tool efficiently cleans stairs, corners and crevices
  • Telescoping handle releases quickly
  • HEPA filter is perfect for people with allergies
  • Belt comes with a lifetime warranty


  • A little bulky on the base
  • Attachment holders don’t grip that well
  • A bit loud but not too bothersome

Electrolux Nimble – What Consumers Have To Say

The Electrolux Nimble made my really old carpet (3 years old) look like it was cleaned by a professional! I’m seriously in love with this vacuum and I will definitely keep on using this vacuum even if I don’t have any good reason. Dyson is awesome but the Electrolux Nimble for me is the closest thing to a Dyson.

S. Ababio

I chose to buy the the Electrolux Nimble instead of Dyson because of the reasonable price and my mother also had some issues with her Dyson. I was close to not buying it because it’s been said that it wasn’t really good on bare floors. I have bare flooring and so far I’m having a wonderful experience on efficiently cleaning them.

LGayle “Conspicous Consumer”

Where Can You Get The Lowest Price?

It’s really easy when you’re looking for the cheapest price for the Electrolux Nimble because it’s available over at Amazon.com. However, the stocks are very limited since a lot of people are buying it. Just click the link below to get some huge savings and hopefully there’s a unit available for you.

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