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History of Vacuum Cleaners

Basically a vacuum cleaner is a device that uses air pump in order to form a partial vacuum that inhales dust from various surfaces. The history of vacuum cleaners actually dates back to existence of humans as cleaning floors and carpets with ease has been the first priority of every house wife on this planet, keeping this in mind the very first attempts to create a mechanical device for cleaning floors were made in UK at the end of the sixteenth century. Before invention of vacuum cleaners people used to hang carpets on walls and then stroked them with sticks in order to take out all the dirt.

On the tenth of July, eighteen hundred and sixty, a man from Iowa got patent of a sweeping machine; it was the very first time in the history of vacuum cleaners. Daniel Hess made his device for cleaning rugs, but it did not have a motor inside it. Daniel’s invention was the very first hand-pumped vacuum cleaner of America. The product became a hit straight-away and many people bought it in order to clean up all the mess in their houses, it also led to the creation of several other competitive products.

As time passed several vacuum cleaners got invented and the 2nd generation of vacuum cleaners was made in the twentieth century. Hubert Cecil Booth is the man that is commonly accepted to be the first inventor of motor powered vacuum cleaner, he belonged to Britain. This great engineer saw a demonstration in which air was used to blow away dust from furniture and other items.

Dyson DC23 TurbineHead Canister Vacuum
Dyson DC23 TurbineHead Canister Vacuum

Booth looked closely at the whole demonstration and he thought about making a device that would suck instead of blowing. He carried on a number of experiments and was finally able to create a large sized device that was driven by oil engine. There were no kind of brushes in his device and the sucking force was strong enough to clean different surfaces, name given to the device was Puffing Billy. This device was not sold to individuals; rather it was used in order to give cleaning services.

Dirt Devil M0105

Several different technologies were used in order to make vacuum cleaners, but they still remained as a luxury item and most of the people could not afford to have them, even the cleaning services that used these devices were pretty costly. After the Second World War, concept of vacuum cleaners changed to a great extent and we saw creation of filter-less cyclonic dirt separators, portable vacuum cleaners, rechargeable ones, and even autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners. Prices of the vacuum cleaners also became low and the middle class started to afford them.

Eureka Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

The modern vacuum cleaners come with brand to brand variations. Some vacuum cleaners are only meant for dry cleaning while others give both functions i.e. wet and dry. Number of modern vacuum cleaners have got a mop inside them for doing dry cleaning first and then wet cleaning. A device named Scooba is an amazing robotic cleaner that has got its very own cleansing liquid; it scrubs liquid onto the floor and sucks all the dirty water into its tank.

Overall by looking at the history of vacuum cleaners we find that there have been a big number of changes in vacuum cleaners since the first ones were invented and the research for more changes is still in progress.

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