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Hoover Platinum Bagless Canister S3865 Review

If your floors aren’t uniform – meaning, you have carpet, hardwood and other types – you will definitely want to check out the Hoover Platinum Bagless S3865 which uses a cyclonic filter system that allows efficient suctioning from the start of your cleaning session to the end.

It comes with the patented Hoover Windtunnel technology that uses three tunnels to effectively swoop any dirt and dust particle on your carpets. It also has great ergonomics and control, making it one of the most versatile – if not the most versatile – vacuum you can find.

Hoover Platinum Bagless Canister S3865

Hoover Platinum Cyclonic S3865 Reviews

The Hoover Platinum Bagless Canister mostly got positive reviews from several reviewers, citing its overall versatility, ergonomics and power. They say that it works surprisingly well on different types of flooring in multiple levels, as well as with annoying pet hairs. If you have quite some heavy vacuuming to do, this cleaning tool might just do the trick.

Reviewers say that the Hoover Cyclonic S3865 is adequately heavy to supplement its power and multi-filter design, while it weighs right so that you can easily move it on the stairs. Other than that, they observed that it has a great suction power along with great transferability. With just a pedal press, you can adjust the vacuum to continue vacuuming from one floor to the next. Along with the handheld controls, these will ensure that you won’t have to bend down for the vacuum if you want to change a certain setting. The long automatic rewinding cord also helps in the overall maneuverability, as you won’t need to unplug the device when moving from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Another plus that the Hoover Platinum Cyclonic got was on its silent operation. Reviewers contend that it operated smoothly and silently so you don’t unnecessarily wake up the next door neighbors. For users with asthma and allergy issues, the Cyclonic has you covered with its HEPA Medium filter that seals in almost 99 per cent of dirt and dust particles.

Cleaning ceilings is also not an issue with the Cyclonic as you can detach the 7-foot hose from the base vacuum and start reaching up. The telescoping wand also helps you vacuum those hard to reach areas. Different attachments including the dusting brush and upholstery brush clean various sorts of furniture and items that you can’t otherwise clean with a regular vacuum.

There is a con to all this power though. Since the Cyclonic is so thorough with its job, you will discover that cleaning up the unit itself will not be easy. However, reviewers say that this is a necessary trade off for having a truly clean house (not just your floors). That said, the Hoover Platinum Cyclonic truly excels at doing what it’s designed to do. The multi-stage cyclonic filter system allows you efficient suctioning from start to finish while the handy ergonomics will make you look forward to your next cleaning session.

For the price, this is a worthy investment, especially for households with large and varied floor areas that need to be cleaned thoroughly. Reviewers find it highly commendable and you should consider it the next time you look for a vacuum.

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