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Kirby Vacuum Cleaners

Kirby have been selling home cleaning accessories since the 1920’s and are based in Cleveland, Ohio, although the Kirby name was not used on a vacuum cleaner until the 1930’s. Over the years they have gathered a reputation for manufacturing some of the most reliable vacuums available.

Although many of the best vacuum brands have taken advantage of the internet to sell their products, the only way to get hold of a new Kirby vacuum cleaner is by the traditional method of door-to-door sales.

Also, like a lot of the top brands, there are many models of Kirby vacuums available using different dirt capture types, and including many useful features and accessories.

You will more than likely find that Kirby’s line of vacuum cleaners come at a higher price than many of the competition, but the quality and standards of their vacuums means there is a still a huge following for this brand.

Kirby vacuum cleaners are renowned for their durability, power and versatility. Some of their latest ‘G’ range, Diamond and Sentria vacuums have certainly received positive reviews and are recognized among the very best.

Kirby Vacuum Cleaners

Where and How to Buy a Kirby Vacuum?

As mentioned earlier, the sales process of Kirby is not like other manufacturers. The door-to-door sales aren’t favored by everyone, although it does allow for the demonstration of what the Kirby vacuum cleaners can do before you go ahead and buy.

This method is very useful for most people because it demonstrates the capabilities of the Kirby vacuum cleaner, especially when the demonstrator compares the cleaning results against your existing vacuum.

Though the results often speak for themselves with Kirby, the 3-year warranty on most models (lifetime warranty on the Ultimate G Diamond Edition) means you can rest assured you are getting a good appliance to begin with, but are covered in case your Kirby vacuum does develop a fault.

The latest offering from Kirby, the Sentria, prides itself on not only being a vacuum cleaner, but a complete home care system. This aluminium cleaner can convert to a carpet shampoo system, deep-cleaning unit, floor buffer and canister vacuum to meet all your cleaning needs. The TechDrive power assist makes it a breeze to push around, and the HEPA 11 filtration gets rid of all dirt and debris.

The carpet shampoo system in the Kirby Sentria provides professional results on those stubborn carpet stains, the vacuum gets rid of pet hair, dirt and debris, and the floor buffer gets your hardwood and tiled floors back to their “as new” shine.

Overall, Kirby vacuum cleaners are high quality but expect to pay a bit more than you might with other vacuum brands. Try the demos and see for yourself whether a Kirby meets your satisfaction.

Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Models

A large redesign from earlier models which includes the new TechDrive Power Assist feature, making it easier to move the vacuum around

» Kirby Sentria (2006-Present Day) Red and Gray with Sentria bag pattern; belt lifter modification and different handle shape
» Kirby Diamond Edition (2003-2006) Yellow and Twilight Gray with Diamond handle and bag pattern
» Kirby Ultimate G (2002-2003) Yellow and Twilight Gray with Ultimate G bag pattern
» Kirby GSix, G2000, and G2001 (1999-2002) Yellow, Black Onyx and Gray with G Six bag pattern; includes the Micron Magic HEPA filtration system
» Kirby G5 (1997-1999) Gray and Burgundy with G5 bag pattern
» Kirby G4 (1993-1997) Periwinkle Blue and Stone Gray and with G4 pattern on bag; includes the Micron Magic filtration system
» Kirby Generation 3 (1990-1993) Alabaster Gray and White with Gray stripes on handle and bag

Although other vacuum brands had already released models featuring disposable paper bags, the Tradition was the first from Kirby.

» Kirby Legend II (1989-1990) Black and Maroon with Gray and Maroon Kirby bag, handle design like the Heritage II Legend but with a different color scheme & with the “Kirby” logo on the belt lifter and “Legend II” on the handle
» Kirby Heritage II Legend (1987-1989) Same as the Heritage II but with a handle design and with “Legend” on the belt lifter
» Kirby Heritage II (1984-1987) Red and Black with Red and Gray Kirby bag; introduces the smaller rug nozzle, new “Mini-Emtor” and Zippbrush
» Kirby Heritage (1981-1984) Scarlet Red and Medium Gray, introduces the Turbo Sander, Turbo Groom and Turbo Brush. The last Kirby to come with shake-out bag and fitted with the Sani-Emtor

When the Kirby Classic was released, it was the first model that had a huge redesign.

» Kirby Tradition (1979-1981) Navy and Royal Blue
» Kirby Classic III (1976-1979) Red w/ Plaid bag
» Kirby Classic Omega (1973-1976) Tan Bag and Rosewood Brown Vacuum
» Kirby Classic (1970-1973) Gold Bag and Chocolate Brown Vacuum

» Kirby Dual – Sanitronic 80 Avacado (Green)(1967-1970)
» Kirby Dual – Sanitronic 50 Sirrocco (Tan) (1965-1967)
» Kirby Model 516 (1956-1957) Red and Gray
» Kirby Model 510 (1950-1951) Red and Gray
» Kirby Model 509 (1949-1950) Black, Gray and Red
» Kirby Model 508 (1948-1949) Black, Gray and Red
» Kirby Model 505 (1945-1947) Black, Gray and Red
» Kirby Model 1C (1935-1937) Black and Gray
» Scott and Fetzer Sanitation System (1928-1934)
» The Vacuette Electric (1925-1928)
» Vacuette Wireless (1919-1930)
» Ezee Vacuum Cleaner (1914-1919)

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