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Toro Power Curve 1500 Snow Blower Review

It gets really tiring and weakening for any individual who have physical or health problems, because when he/she decides to shovel out snow out of the sidewalk and driveway, it could cause some serious health problems.

To worsen the case, if there’s no one there to help, it becomes impossible to leave the house during the winter season, because surely, snow pill up and cover both the way and driveway.

With good snow blowers like the Toro Power Curve 1500, however, you can regain control of your driveway.

Like I said while reviewing some of the best snow blowers in the market, it comes with two different kind of power source, which is either Gas or Electric.

However, this snow thrower is electrically powered, which also means that it is much lighter in weight that the gas powered machines.

What I find fascinating about this machine here is that it is among the lightest throwers in the market today, and it’s weight? ONLY 25 pounds.

When you decide to buy this equipment, which I highly recommend you do, if you’re on a tight budget.

When you buy this product and it got shipped to you for FREE (You can buy it here and get it shipped for FREE to you! Directly from amazon)  you will notice that the Toro Power Curve 1500 is very simple to use and even my grandma can understand how to couple it.


The only assembly which is required when you buy this machine, is simply attaching the handle to the motor component, which is much more like assembling a lawn mower.
After that simple step, you can plug it in and immediately begin using it to clear your driveway and sidewalk and keep your home ever clean.

Toro Power Curve 1500

How to Operate Toro 1500 Snow Removal
For you to start controlling this machine, you must know how to start it first.

Doing this is not much of a problem, however you can never start the engine without first inserting an interlock key into the required hole, the Toro 1500 uses the Qwik-Key technology.

After successfully doing this, you can then proceed and squeeze the bar to the handle and the auger will begin to spin continuously.

The Toro 1500 is an electric single-stage snow blower, that is also able to utilize these same safety measures to ensure inadvertent starts don’t occur when you are resting or keeping it in the store.

Are you afraid of losing the key? Well, you’re not alone in this, I also thought about this when I first came across this device, however, the company also gave this a thought, so they decided to have it built in, so you don’t need to disturb yourself again.

Once again, the Toro company got us smiling again, as the interlock key is more of a button than a key and requires you to press it when you’re ready to operate, this is for a safer and easy start.

Benefit of The Toro 1500 Electric Snow Removal Machine

The benefit of this electric snow removal equipment can be seen in areas where there are frequent snow storms. This device is specifically designed with a discharge chute, that is capable of throwing snow up to 25 feet away, and the design of the auger allows for a 15-inch clearing width, plus it comes with up to 1 foot for snow-cut depth.
This machine can easily and quickly remove both dried snow and slush with ease and minimal clogging of the discharge chute.

Toro 1500 Flaws

For everything that has an advantage, there must be some disadvantage somewhere, and this includes this device, since it is among the best electric snow throwers out there, this is also it’s disadvantage. You must plug in a power cable which must be connected and you have to drag it alongside with you while in operation.

One thing that is also disturbing here is the fact, that the electric cable can easily get in the way or accumulate significant ice and snow for hindered mobility.

However, if you don’t love the electric snow blowers, you can check out the gas snow blowers.

This device contain a mechanism which is capable and also have the ability to change the horizontal direction of the discharge chute, which requires you to just pull a handle left or right.

However, if you decide to adjust the vertical angle, it is a bit less intuitive and might require you to read the instructions to more fully grasp its operational method.

My Conclusion
After everything mention and listed here, the Toro Power Curve 1500 still stands as one of the best snow blowers out there, combining the reliability of its electrical power with the practicality of a single-stage design to make sure that you quickly and easily address all simple snow removal needs.

Though removing large pill up of snows requires some man-power from you, this machine is designed specifically to remove and clean up daily pill up snows from your driveway and walk.

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