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Upper Back Neck Pain

Upper back neck pain is usually defined as pain in the neck, shoulder blades and the area around the spinal column in the upper back. In medical jargon, neck pain, shoulder pain and upper back pain are also distinct conditions and can exist in isolation.

They can be caused without causing any pain in other areas and they can persist without any impact on the muscles, joints, bones and tissues around the affected zone. But that is what the technical definitions imply. In reality, upper back neck pain is the most common condition for people suffering from any kind of pain in the neck, shoulder and upper back region.

Best Pillow for Neck Pain

The shoulder blades, the girdle, the joints, the neck and the upper back region which is essentially the vertebral column and the upper ribs, muscles and joints of the ribs and the vertebra, are all connected to each other and any kind of physical injury, trauma or tissue inflammation in any specific area will lead to pain in the entire region.

Thus, most people who actually have neck pain may report of shoulder pain as well as upper back pain and those who experience pain on the shoulders or at the upper back may actually have neck pain.

Causes Of Upper Back Neck Pain

Physical injury or any kind of physical trauma is a very common cause of upper back neck pain. Accidents, falls, being hit by hard objects or sudden thrusts of some external force can cause upper back neck pain. Internal physical injury can also cause upper back neck pain.

There are three integral parts of upper back neck pain – muscle stiffness which can also be irritation or soreness, tissue inflammation and joint dysfunction. While the aforementioned causes can lead to upper back neck pain, physical stress and poor posture are the most common causes among the young and the old in present times.

Treatments for Upper Back Neck Pain

Medical intervention is usually recommendable for people suffering from acute and chronic upper back neck pain. There are medications that help to relieve the pain temporarily and then certain pills and lotions which can reduce the tissue inflammation, simulate the muscles or facilitate the healing of the joints. Exercises are desirable and so is some physiotherapy.

Irrespective of the specific treatments endorsed, there is also a need to use special neck pain pillows. The neck pain pillows offer the much needed support, comfort and rest to the neck while sleeping. Poor posture during sleeping or inadequate support to the neck can prevent healing of the problem and can also worsen it which makes using neck pain pillows imperative for all and sundry.

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